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As we enter our 15th year of service to the community, ERCPCP is pleased to announce some exciting recent changes within our organization. Many of you may know that our inaugural Executive Director, Reverend Donald Isaac, has gone on to serve the community in a different capacity, yet remains very much connected to our organization and the fulfillment of our mission. He joins our excitement as we announce the appointment of Reverend George C. Gilbert, Jr. to the position of acting Executive Director. Reverend Gilbert is a former board member who has been active with ERCPCP for many years. In that capacity, he has been involved with the operations and impact of ERCPCP in the community that we are charged with serving. Reverend Gilbert’s appointment allows us to remain true to our roots and our desire to elevate leaders who are young, leaders who are in ministry, and leaders who are products of and thus, truly connected to the community that we serve. George is truly the culmination of these things. His full biography follows.


Reverend George C. Gilbert, Jr. of Holy Trinity United Baptist Church, was born October 10, 1974, in Landover, Maryland. Born the son of two God-fearing parents, Pastor George C. Gilbert, Sr. and Raba A. Gilbert, Reverend Gilbert was trained to reverence God. He was saved at an early age and has been blessed with many gifts and talents. He is the proud parent of two boys and one girl – Xavier Domonique, De Marco Trevon, and Kennedie Raba.

In addition to serving as Executive Director of East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership, Reverend Gilbert is presently serving as the Assistant to the Pastor and Director of the Music Ministry at Holy Trinity United Baptist Church; Board Member of the Ward 7 Safe and Drug Free Coalition; Director of DC Jobs or Else; Professor of Urban Ministries at the Washington Baptist Seminary; and the assistant Recording Secretary and Board Member of the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Washington, D.C and Vicinity.

Growing up in Washington, D.C., Reverend Gilbert received his high school diploma from Eastern Senior High School. He further obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from the University of the District of Columbia; and a Master of Divinity degree from Howard University School of Divinity in May 2005.

Prior to taking on the role of Executive Director, Reverend Gilbert worked as the Communications Manager for the Friendship Charter Schools. He believes that a prophetic voice must be sounded off. In this vein, he has served as the Special Assistant for Constituent Services and Religious Affairs for two former D.C. Councilmembers. Reverend Gilbert is always advocating and advising behind the scenes, fighting for Christ and His causes. He is one of the lead organizers and voices in the District of Columbia for justice and African-American mobility.

The Howard University Alumni honored Reverend Gilbert with the Community Activist Award in 2012. Mayor Byron Brown of Buffalo, New York proclaimed December 30, 2013, as Reverend George C. Gilbert, Jr. Day. In August 2013, Reverend Gilbert was a convention speaker for the Progressive National Baptist Convention.  The    Washington Post highlighted Pastor Gilbert, Reverend Gilbert and Xavier during Father’s Day weekend 2013 for their contributions to and representation in the community.

Although Reverend Gilbert heard the call of God at an early age, he finally accepted the call and preached his initial sermon in May 1999. Reverend Gilbert believes that we are saved to serve and that a minister must follow Jesus’ mandates. He further understands that only what he does for Christ will last. We are grateful to have Reverend Gilbert serving the organization in this capacity, and we look forward to his continued leadership.