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From the time that Mr. Smith entered the program he hit the ground running.  We often called him running man!  He said that he believed that it was time for him to make a change and he did not have a lot of time to waste.  So from that day until now, Ronald Smith has been running to catch up with his life.

For the past several years, Mr. Smith has been in and out of jail.  His son has grown up and he has to catch up after spending a lot of time growing up in jail.  Now, time has marched on and he knows that it is his time to make a difference in the world.  Upon entering our transitional housing program, Mr. Smith first got a part time job making about $8.00 an hour.    To some people, this may have felt like a waste of time, but Ronald said that this was an opportunity and a blessing, so he took the job, and worked as often as he was called to come to work.  His work week generally consisted of only about three days of work per week, but he kept on pushing.  Ronald saved the money that he earned in this position and continued to look for more work and other opportunities.

Next, Mr. Smith began to work on obtaining his GED with the understanding that this was an important step which would open up new and better opportunities.  With that, he began to attend classes twice a week and work three times a week.   He was beginning to run even harder to make that important change in his life.    As Ronald nears the end of his tenure with us, he is now working two part time jobs.   The first with a management company and his newly acquired job with Metro, working on the rails at more than $20.00 an hour.  Equally as important, Ronald has just celebrated one year of being clean and sober!  With this new accomplishment to add to his growing list of achievements, including:  six months of transition, consistent employment, working toward his GED, building a savings,  and acceptance into an Oxford house, Mr. Smith has demonstrated that he is indeed a man on a mission.

We are so proud of all that Ronald has been able to accomplish while enrolled in our program.  He is a shining example of success and determination and we have every confidence that he will continue to work hard to make a change and a difference in his life and the world.  As Ronald prepares to leave our program and take that next step, we wish him all the best and want him to know that he will be taking our love and prayers with him!

By Rev. Deborah Thomas-Campbell


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