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Where are they now?

The college tour to North Carolina this past October has produced a few potential college graduates.  As many of you may recall, two youth that attended the excursion to Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina received deferred acceptances.  We are pleased to announce that both youth are currently enrolled in college.  Youth throughout the District must continue to have opportunities to contribute to society in meaningful ways.  Enrolling in college is one of the most productive ways that a youth can spend his/her time.

The colleges that the youth currently attend are Delaware State and the University of the District of Columbia (UDC).  Prior to the college tour to Winston-Salem, NC neither youth expressed an interest in higher education.  After a day on the campus, and ongoing reinforcement from their mentors, the youth are successfully engaged in school.  Life Deeds, one of ERCPCP’s community partners, is committed to bringing impactful and meaningful opportunities to the youth.  The youth will rise to the level of expectations that are set for them.

 What are their plans going forward?

The youth that decided to attend Delaware State was set on leaving Washington, DC.  He said that he was tired of the same mundane, daily routine.  He stated that he would like to broaden his opportunities, meet new people, and explore additional ways to enhance his life.  He has also been accepted to Winston-Salem State University and has expressed an interest in transferring there this fall. This youth was afraid to attend the Winston-Salem State University tour back in October, based on the far distance from Washington, DC.  He now has the confidence to live on campus at Delaware State and possibly at a school that is nearly 350 miles away this fall.  The mentors will continue to track the progress of each youth.  Life Deeds’ expectation is that the youth will matriculate through the college system to earn their bachelor’s degrees.  Who knows where they will go from there.