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DC Youth Link (Region 1) News, Updates & Highlights!

Posted: January 13, 2012 by ERCPCP Blogger in Uncategorized

It’s a new year and over at ERCPCP, we’ve hit the ground running!  This week, we’re highlighting our DC Youthlink Program (formerly the Region 1 Lead Entity)… here are some things we’ve been working on!

• One of our youth started college this week at Delaware State! He’s declared a major in Sociology! He finished his high school diploma while at New Beginnings and completed our Developing Young Professionals orientation in November and had an internship with the Department of Transportation. He is now living on campus and looking forward to his new classes this week!

• One of our youth got a job at Taco Bell in December! He was hired on the spot and is also working towards completing his GED with the MaiAngel program.

• This week 10 youth started the UDC High Tech Training Program! These 9 gentleman and 1 young lady will be taking courses for the next 7 weeks to become certified as network cabling specialists. They will study telecommunications technologies, computer repair and gain hands on experience in testing cables. After completion, they will be eligible for jobs with contractors that work with companies like Verizon, Comcast or Direct TV.

• DC Youth Link has partnered with Southwest CDC Collaborative and has 6 new programs starting this month to certify youth as Pest Control Technicians, Medical Billing & Coding Specialists, Certified Flaggers, Food Handlers, Microsoft Office Specialists and with Commercial Driver’s Licenses. Workforce Development has the potential to certify 60 youth in our various programs. Flagger training is all filled up and the other spots are quickly going!

• One youth has started the Sasha Bruce Youth Build program to become a barber! He’ll complete the program in June along with his high school diploma from Ballou STAY.

• The Workforce Development Developing Young Professionals orientation will take place January 17-20th! The orientation is now being run by Carla Harris of Image Works who will work with the youth on developing resumes, communication skills, completing job applications and a host of other professional development skills. On Friday the 20th youth will have the opportunity to interview with various companies, government agencies and non-profits to apply for internships, part-time jobs, certification and educational programs.

• Workforce Development will be hosting its first career fair Feb 22 at THEARC! Stay tuned for more details!

• The Department of Labor, the funding source for Workforce Development at DC Youth Link Region 1 will be visiting January 12-13th. They have a full schedule which will include meeting with staff from Youth Link Regions 1 & 2, DYRS staff and program partners like UDC and Sasha Bruce. They will also have a special focus group session with 10 Developing Young Professionals.

• Attached are photos from our December class of Developing Young Professionals and some of our October class with their internship staff at DDOT.

• There’s more to come!

For more information on ERCPCP’s DC Youthlink Program, please feel free to contact Eric Abraham, Program Manager, at