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More than 8 years ago, an idea was born to put on a symposium geared toward reaching, teaching and empowering young women.  After much discussion and contemplation, “Girl Talk: A Conference for Young Ladies” was born.  The very first “Girl Talk” Conference was held in March of 2004, in honor of Women’s History Month.  This event was rich with excitement as women young and old shared their experiences through yoga, workshops, makeovers and much more!

Throughout the years, the “Girl Talk” Conference has taken on a life if its own.  Over time, we have had the most amazing partners to contribute their time and talents as planners, workshop facilitators, entertainers, exhibitors and the list goes on and  on.  Conference workshops have always covered realistic and close to home issues ranging from domestic violence and homosexuality to spirituality and healthy living.  Nothing is off limits and facilitators are always the best.  Ensuring the most  enlightening experience for the participants is the goal at the core of it all.

One of the things that makes the day special each and every time, is the vision of wall to wall women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences banding together to create the experience of a lifetime for these young women! Whether serving as volunteers, mentors, keynote speakers, workshop facilitators or exhibitors, the women of “Girl Talk” are always putting their best foot forward with hopes of creating a transformational experience for these young girls.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a part of the “think pink” movement!  After a 3 year hiatus, the “Girl Talk” Conference is returning on March 24, 2012 for “Beautifully and Wonderfully Made: Mind, Body & Soul”… the 6th Girl Talk Conference!  For more information, visit us at or