As we enter our 15th year of service to the community, ERCPCP is pleased to announce some exciting recent changes within our organization. Many of you may know that our inaugural Executive Director, Reverend Donald Isaac, has gone on to serve the community in a different capacity, yet remains very much connected to our organization and the fulfillment of our mission. He joins our excitement as we announce the appointment of Reverend George C. Gilbert, Jr. to the position of acting Executive Director. Reverend Gilbert is a former board member who has been active with ERCPCP for many years. In that capacity, he has been involved with the operations and impact of ERCPCP in the community that we are charged with serving. Reverend Gilbert’s appointment allows us to remain true to our roots and our desire to elevate leaders who are young, leaders who are in ministry, and leaders who are products of and thus, truly connected to the community that we serve. George is truly the culmination of these things. His full biography follows.


Reverend George C. Gilbert, Jr. of Holy Trinity United Baptist Church, was born October 10, 1974, in Landover, Maryland. Born the son of two God-fearing parents, Pastor George C. Gilbert, Sr. and Raba A. Gilbert, Reverend Gilbert was trained to reverence God. He was saved at an early age and has been blessed with many gifts and talents. He is the proud parent of two boys and one girl – Xavier Domonique, De Marco Trevon, and Kennedie Raba.

In addition to serving as Executive Director of East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership, Reverend Gilbert is presently serving as the Assistant to the Pastor and Director of the Music Ministry at Holy Trinity United Baptist Church; Board Member of the Ward 7 Safe and Drug Free Coalition; Director of DC Jobs or Else; Professor of Urban Ministries at the Washington Baptist Seminary; and the assistant Recording Secretary and Board Member of the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Washington, D.C and Vicinity.

Growing up in Washington, D.C., Reverend Gilbert received his high school diploma from Eastern Senior High School. He further obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from the University of the District of Columbia; and a Master of Divinity degree from Howard University School of Divinity in May 2005.

Prior to taking on the role of Executive Director, Reverend Gilbert worked as the Communications Manager for the Friendship Charter Schools. He believes that a prophetic voice must be sounded off. In this vein, he has served as the Special Assistant for Constituent Services and Religious Affairs for two former D.C. Councilmembers. Reverend Gilbert is always advocating and advising behind the scenes, fighting for Christ and His causes. He is one of the lead organizers and voices in the District of Columbia for justice and African-American mobility.

The Howard University Alumni honored Reverend Gilbert with the Community Activist Award in 2012. Mayor Byron Brown of Buffalo, New York proclaimed December 30, 2013, as Reverend George C. Gilbert, Jr. Day. In August 2013, Reverend Gilbert was a convention speaker for the Progressive National Baptist Convention.  The    Washington Post highlighted Pastor Gilbert, Reverend Gilbert and Xavier during Father’s Day weekend 2013 for their contributions to and representation in the community.

Although Reverend Gilbert heard the call of God at an early age, he finally accepted the call and preached his initial sermon in May 1999. Reverend Gilbert believes that we are saved to serve and that a minister must follow Jesus’ mandates. He further understands that only what he does for Christ will last. We are grateful to have Reverend Gilbert serving the organization in this capacity, and we look forward to his continued leadership.


Showing Resolve

A youth in ERCPCP’s High Intensity program was enrolled and successfully completed a pharmaceutical tech program located in Virginia. Despite several personal obstacles to completing the program, this youth showed resolve using personal finances to pay for the program.  Currently, this youth has obtained an internship at a local pharmacy in the DC region.  Additionally, by participating in DCYL services the High Intensity worker was able to use the completion of this program, which showed a great deal of determination and steadfastness, as the basis for building an even deeper and stronger relationship with this youth’s parents.

Overcoming Obstacles

A Youth enrolled in ERCPCP’s High Intensity program received a high school diploma from a DC Public School after completing summer school. This young person overcame several personal obstacles that prevented this youth from completing their degree in 4 years. This youth took advantage of DCYL services such as High Intensity and Tutoring to ensure that they were equipped with the tools necessary to complete high school. Currently, this young person is in the process of reviewing scholarships that are available to assist them in taking the next step in realizing their dream of going to college.

Becoming Engaged

A youth enrolled in ERCPCP’s DCYL Workforce Development program began working with our partner Career Path DC for 20 hours per week. The youth then became involved with our partner Earn, Learn, and Grow and began working 30 hours per week. Because of his great work with Career Path DC, that youth was offered full time employment.  Currently, this young person is fully engaged in the community; helping with lawn care and landscaping projects benefitting the Department of Aging. The youth was pictured in an article in the Washington Post along with Career Path DC and other youth.

Making Achievements

A youth enrolled in ERCPCP’s DCYL Workforce Development program is enrolled at Anacostia Community Outreach Center. This youth scored high marks on the Pre-GED test which allowed the youth to sit in on the GED test. We are honored to report that this youth passed the GED test and is now working on enrolling in the District of Columbia Community College. This young person is definitely moving toward a brighter future!

Making a Good Impression

Earlier this week, a provider took several of our youth to the Tanger Outlet Mall.  One particular youth who is enrolled in our workforce development program was there and was dressed in business casual as requested. He had great energy and was impressive to the employers he met. He has already completed the second phase of the application process for the Tommy Hilfiger store and is working on completing other online applications as well.  We are hopeful that he will be successful in his quest for employment and are already proud of him for taking it seriously and making it this far along in the process.

givingtuesdaypageThis year, on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, ERCPCP is taking part in a global call to action that will change the calendar and help make history. We are celebrating a day dedicated to giving — when charities, families, individuals, businesses, community centers, students, retailers and more will all come together for #GivingTuesday – a movement to celebrate giving and encourage more, better and smarter giving during the Holiday Season that we are proud to be part of.

#GivingTuesday will create a day of giving around the annual shopping and spending season –giving’s “opening day”. Leading up to December 3, the #GivingTuesday campaign will provide a platform for you to contribute to your community and the world to help make this season the biggest giving season yet!

We invite you to be part of this celebration. #GivingTuesday will show how the world can do much more with our wallets than just consume. Here’s what you can do to help make this initiative a success:

  1. Support ERCPCP on #GivingTuesday by going to our website and making a donation!
  2. Help us promote to spread the word about #GivingTuesday to your networks!  Here is some sample language for you:
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ERCPCP’s own Executive Director, Rev. Donald Isaac, will be honored at the first annual Heroes of Faith Banquet given by the Faith 4 the City Community Development Corporation. Heroes of Faith honors four special people who have impacted lives in either the church, the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the city of Washington, D.C., or the nation. Please join us in honoring and celebrating this body of work by purchasing a ticket to the banquet.  For additional details or to RSVP, please contact Please note that the RSVP date has been moved back to October 11, 2013.  To purchase your ticket to the event, please click HERE.

hero_invite Front



hot-black-teaIn support of the survivors and victims of homicides and violent crimes in the District of Columbia, ERCPCP has joined forces with several agencies and organizations to present the Annual Mother’s Tea.  This beautiful and therapeutic event is being held at the Historic Willard Intercontinental Hotel.  As a show of solidarity, the tea is being presented free of charge to the mothers of victims of homicide and violent crime.  Therefore, we are counting on community support to help cover the costs related to producing this event.

Please consider donating to this important event at one of the following levels:
Benefactor = $1,000.  Patron = $500.  Supporter = $250.  Sponsor = $100.  Friend =$50

Additional details below.

You Are Cordially Invited
To Attend

 A Mother’s Tea
Sunday, October 6, 2013
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

 In support of the
Survivors and Victims of Homicide and Violent Crime

 In the Ballroom of the
Historic Willard InterContinental Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20004

September 20, 2013

 The Tea is made possible by an Anonymous Contributor

 For More Information, Please Contact:
Mr. Philip Pannell (202) 889-4900, Reverend Donald Isaac (202) 373-5767 or Reverend Anthony J. Motley (202) 327-4837

For those needing a ride:
The bus will leave across from the Anacostia Metro Station located at Shannon Place and Howard Road at 1:15pm and return at 5:30pm.  The bus is limited and reservations are required, email at or call (202) 889-4900.

Supported by:
*Forgiving Mothers   *Abigail Ministries *Inner Thoughts, Inc.   *Metropolitan Police Department  *Dancing With A Purpose. Ministries *Anacostia Coordinating Council  *Stop Killing Innocent People “SKIP”  *Faith Presbyterian Church *Ward Eight Council Against Domestic Violence  *East of the River, Clergy, Police, Community, Partnership, Inc.

Rise To Thrive_Logo_0703_BERCPCP has been selected as one of less than 90 charities that were invited to participate in the #RiseToThrive Charity Challenge.  The invitees were all organizations that are focused on building prosperity in our neighborhoods and helping individuals foster brighter futures for themselves and their families.  The campaign is a simple fundraising campaign where the more money we raise, the better.  Of course, we’re hoping to raise the most and here’s why: the organization that raises the most will receive an additional $25,000 grant to put towards their work.  Now that’s motivation! Our community needs this.

We need your support to make us successful with this challenge.

Help us to raise the most from September 10 – October 22, 2013.  If we win, we all win… every donation counts! With your support we can assist more low-income residents needing supportive services, transition more returning citizens back into the community with employment and stable housing, provide wraparound services to more juveniles who have been involved in the criminal justice system, and provide mentoring, resources and training opportunities to more at-risk youth through our gender based conferences.

To donate and give us a shot at winning an additional $25,000 grant to support our work, please click here.

With the type of work that we are involved with, sometimes it can be difficult to see the progress made.  Besides knowing that you are called to do the work in the first place, one can sometimes be left to wonder if their efforts are worth it in the end.  Articles like this one from the Washington Post (Juvenile Offenders Learn Meaning of Work through Mowing Lawns of the Elderly) help to highlight the benefits of the challenging work that ERCPCP and its partners are involved with.  This article excites us and reaffirms the fact that the work does indeed make a difference.  We’d like to congratulate our partner, Career Path DC, for the inspiring work that they are doing – transforming juvenile offenders into employed, committed young citizens.  We look forward to seeing many more amazing success stories from our colleagues in the future!

Community Event 2013Summertime is a very important time for us here at ERCPCP.  Understanding the potential for unusual or unexpected things to occur in the summertime, we have always been really strategic about our methods of engagement with our population during the summer months.  In past years, we focused a lot on our 40 Days of Increased Peace initiative – an initiative running for 40 days during the summer with increased collaboration with partners and increased activities for youth, providing numerous activities and events in which youth may participate.  While we did not present our 40 Days of Increased Peace this year, we are still hard at work planning, implementing and engaging youth in wonderful experiences that are fun, educational and enriching through our collaboration with partner agencies, and most of all, our DC YouthLink Family Engagement Summer Youth Institute.

Unity in the Community Dance OffOur Summer Youth Institute staff has been quite busy in the community hosting information tables at partner events to spread the word about our work as well as conducting their own activities for the young people that we serve.  Some of the activities already conducted and still planned for this summer include a trip to Busch Gardens, family portraits for the youth and their family members and both northern and southern college tours, among numerous other events.  We are excited about these amazing opportunities to engage our youth and provide them with exposure to positive recreation and enrichment.  Our desire is to contribute toward stable productive young people who are free from delinquency and excited about the road ahead.

We look forward to reporting back to you with our success stories from the summer as well as our daily work in the community.  Until then, be well and have an amazing summer!


For more information about our programs and services, please visit us at


Girl Talk: Heart to Heart

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A Candid Conversation on Womanhood  by Chase Dreams Not Boys

Some good ole fashioned “Girl Talk” with the ladies of Chase Dreams Not Boys! Be empowered – define yourself –believe in yourself – discover yourself – be inspired – love yourself – motivate yourself – overcome your troubles – be proud to be a woman – CHASE YOUR DREAMS!

To find out more about Chase Dreams Not Boys, visit them online at

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in this post are those of the guest contributor and not those of ERCPCP.

A Candid Conversation on Teen Parenting by the First Baptist Church of Glenarden Hagar Ministry

Mother kissing forehead of babyProverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” But what if the child is the one doing the training? In today’s society, teen pregnancy is an all-too common statistic.
How do you raise a child when you are merely a child yourself? I, like many others, had to learn how first hand. Though I was not a teen mother per say, I got pregnant at the age of 19 and gave birth to my daughter at age 20. When I got pregnant, I assumed that I would have my mother’s help and guidance in raising my daughter.  That was not to be. Unfortunately, while six months pregnant, my mother died after suffering complications from a heart transplant a few months prior.

Here I was practically a child myself faced with the task of raising up a child by myself as a single mother. I did not have my own place, my own money and I made many mistakes early on. Looking back, I wish there would have been a program like First Baptist Church of Glenarden’s Hagar Ministry. The Hagar Ministry’s purpose is to reach out to expectant teens and teen parents to disciple and equip them mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Because I did not have that guidance, my poor planning and lack of knowledge landed me in situations I had never planned on. When my daughter was a year old we lost our home and ended up in a homeless shelter for four months.  Who would have known that those credit card offers they bombard you with in college could have a lasting effect when mishandled? Certainly not I.

All too often, when not properly trained, we make poor choices and if left uncorrected those choices are passed down from generation to generation. After going through the system, I decided that the only way to keep my child from having to experience the hardships I was facing was to make a change for the better. I was ready to train up my child, but that first meant I needed to be trained. For me that started when I submitted my life to God. As I began to understand God’s plan and purpose for my life, I realized that if He could forgive me for getting pregnant then so could I. He began to raise up people who would help me to understand God’s design for parenting and the responsibility that comes with it. I realized that if I wanted my daughter to make better choices, she had to see me doing the same.  The responsibility was ultimately mine and I did that with help.

Though it would appear that teen pregnancy is on the decline in the United States, it is still a major issue that must be addressed. Statistics show that four out of 10 girls in the U.S. become pregnant at least once before age 20. If it takes a village to raise a child, then what can we do to further decrease the number of teen girls that get pregnant each year? Are we as parents educating our children on the importance of sexual purity? Are we teaching them not only with our words, but also through our actions? What is the village doing to help in the process? In an effort to address the pressing needs of pregnant and parenting teen girls ages 13-19 in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area (specifically Prince George’s County, Md.), the Hagar Ministry is doing what it can to help make a difference. Under the leadership of Carolyn O’Bryant, Hagar Ministry director, the ministry provides young parents the mentoring, teaching, encouragement, guidance and ongoing physical and spiritual support needed during this precarious time in their lives to ensure the best possible quality of life for them and their children. By helping teen moms make better choices, we believe the effort will ripple outward and impact the lives of their children, family and community.

How do I know this to be true? Well, because of my support system, determination and much prayer, today my daughter is an 18-year-old college freshman. I am living proof that teen moms can overcome the odds stacked against them. You can, too!


To find out more about the FBCG Hagar Ministry, contact


Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in this post are those of the guest contributor and not those of ERCPCP.